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 kaplan question  

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Two brothers have been fighting.Exasperated ,the mother says to one of her sons,"go to your room until you apologise to your brother for hitting him!" the mother's words are an example of application of
a. Operant conditioning
c.aversive conditioning
d.negative reinforcement

give the answer and please rule out in detail all the options..



I think the answer is D
operant conditioning is a general term that could mean either reinforcement or punishment.

punishment is semi general. it can be positive in which case the kids are spanked or negative in which they are put on timeout or their toys taken

aversive conditioning is when u link a behavior WHILE IT IS BEING PERFORMED to an aversive stimulus

extinction is pretty much when they stop a reinforced action becos it is no longer being reinforced.

I chose D becos the mother is removing an aversive stimulus(staying in their rooms) once the reinforced behavior is accomplished.

i think the problem is between punishment and negative reinforcement. i would have picked B is all the mother said was "go to your room" in which case punishment will be trying to REDUCE a behavior. in ANY type of reinforcement, u try to INCREASE or elicit a response

i hope i am not wrong, lol


hey got it...thanks again



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