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 feel awful about CCS  

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I feel awful after taking the CCS today. I took my 1st day yesterday and it went alright (medium in other words). I am sooo tired and sleep deprived that I ended up really messing up on CCS. Realizing only halfway through a chest pain case that I never did cardiac enzymes (!!) or doing a colonoscopy way before the gastroscopy for a patient with severe vomiting, forgetting that I only ordered the NG tube! These are just two examples. I messed up 2 other cases for not finishing and those patients are probably still in the hospital. Anyway....

I know that CCS only counts 25% of the mark, but I would expect that they can fail someone who can't handle a chest pain correctly!

Has anyone had similar experiences and passed or know how much messing up a cardiac case would count against me?

I looked forward so much to fininshing this exam and it's such a let down feeling so awful.


It may not be as bad as you felt. We can't do everything right on CCS. It is normal to forget a little bit here and there.

Good luck and cheer up!


hi..I gave my ccs today..bombed 3 case was went average..please help me reduce this palpitations..i'm going crazy..i cannot afford to fail..if you see this please mail me to : spanishspy at was ur score?

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