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 Back to USMLE after 2.5 yrs  

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Hi Friends

I need to prepare for CS, have booked the test in March. Have done step 2CK and step 1 in 2007-2008. Then changed my mind and took PLAB instead. Came to UK. However planning to go back to the USMLE route now. But I have been out of touch for almost 2.5 years now. Honestly I don't remember a lot about CS.

Hence I am back to p4USMLE..... one place that I could count on for support and advice.

I've got a 5month old daughter to look after alonside my preparation. Do you think I can practically prepare for the CS in march starting fresh? I think I can spare at the most 4-5 hours a day. I need advice on what materials to use and how to prep.

Looking forward to your replies.



Hello.... welcome back...

We are in the same boat! smiling face

Well, I don't have a baby, but I have a full time work....

I want to dedicate 3-4 hrs/day to this prep!

I'm sure God willing... we can do this... if we really really want it! nod

All the best

On Jun 17, 2011 - 3:10 PM, SOS responded:


Don't think taking care of your daughter as a disadvantageshaking head. Flip your mind on the issue and consider it as an advantagenod. One thing you could do is to practice with your baby daughter. Ask her the questions you would to the patient, even spend some time doing the physical examination just to calculate the time, and at the end give her some advice. You'll get some practice and the best of all, your daughter will enjoy it!! She'll think you were playing! And in way you were...role playing... and the end you'll pass...and who are you going to thank? Your daughter!!!grin
Good luck my friend. I wished I had 4-5 hour/day to spare (and a daughter).


dear Karime and xenopus

Updates.... my daughter in 10 months old now and I have got a full time job as well. My present job finishes in August and the very next day I will be starting my next job which will last for one year... I still am interested in taking CS , only trouble being now realistically I can't take out any time to study.... I have my exam booked for Dec (I postponed). So I will try and prepare whatever I can... may be try to go throught the books i have once and then practice little bit but with a full time job and a baby it is very very hard.... but since i have already paid the fee and my slot ends in dec... i will give it a go.

how are you guys doing? wish you good luck...


Good to see u back in USMLE, pl do CS, u can do it.
It's less than step 1 , st 2 prep.
But need to practice with time frame .
Baby this age u can still manage , don't wait till they are older especially scool age to preteen to teen .

e mail me if need any, & where about u r in UK. I am also in my prep for all usmle due to some situations beyond my control .

Hi Karime .. good to see u too.

Never give up nod

GL GL GL to me, us, all grinwinknodcoolsmiling facenod


Good to see, I am not the only one who is always falling behind when it comes to be ECFMG certified! I am stopping myself to be involved into any job/voluntary work as I know it will be impossible for me to look after my baby,family,job and exams. Have to get it matter what. Any mom wanna join?

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