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 immunoglobulins !  

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hey can anyone explain to me ..
how many types of immunoglobulins we have in the human body ?
is the answer 9 or 18 ? we have to consider the ligght chains here or not ?


I think you need to only worry about the 5 isotypes.


Refer to


Immunoglobulins are categorized into two main forms:
*soluble antibodies
*membrane-bound antibodies (contains a hydrophobic transmembrane region)

Membrane-bound Immunoglobulins

Membrane-bound immunoglobulins are associated non-covalently with two accessory peptides forming the B-cell antigen receptor complex. The first antigen receptors expressed by B cells are IgM and IgD. The receptor is a prototype of the antibody that the B cell is prepared to produce. The B cell receptor (BCR) can only bind antigens. It is the heterodimer of Ig alpha and Ig beta that enables the cell to transduce the signal and respond to the presence of antigens on the cell surface. The signal generated causes the growth and proliferation of the B cell and antibody production inside the plasma cell.


The various antibodies produced by plasma cell are classified by isotype that differ in function and antigen responses primarily due to structure variability. Five major isotypes have been identified in placental mammals:


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