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 Age is a limiting factor?  

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Hi folks, I am an older grad( 1196) with a Post graduation good scores in the steps 90s and lots of experience in my home country....last year applied for 80 2 IVs.....didnt take them. I am yet to give my step 3...

Guys anyoneout there knows of programs that entertain older grads......

do i need to take step3....J1 is also ok for me.......

Any specialty would do......

Any help is appreciated.

BTW did not apply this year....want to plan better for the coming year


2 IVs and didn't take it......why?
Take 3 ....get good scores.


We have 2 residents in our program above the age of 50, i would say close to 55, another 2 residents between 45 to 50, another 5 or 6 in their 40s and rest in their 30s and late 20s. Age is not a limiting factor in America!

Dont settle for Any specialty, you will feel stuck, go after what you want, and keep making your application better and better! Good luck.


hi budlight,
it will be of great help if you can tell us the name of your residency programme.


Well said Budlight, ...
Don't settle for any specialty , you will feel stuck ,
go after what you want, and keep making your application better and better! Good luck.

Thnak you , it's for all ages of IMG .
Thhnx for talking from your sincere care for fellow IMG , especially re the age limit .
No one ever tell you exact age of IMG in residency but will tell you too old even you are in early 30 or 40 . If IMG , in 50 will say do not try , those are ppl 2.. 3 yr down in the road try to apply , get into residency .

Your posts encourage IMG especially mom or dad who gives time for their baby , not anymore now so will have more time on their study , just like to go back where they love to to as saving, helping life as Dr .

GL claasymom & all !


Thank you guys! Good luck to all of you!

Remember, Getting a residency is like going on a date, the more desperate you are, the more unattractive you look!


Thans guys..wish all of you good luck too!!!



give me time to share this with my friends.


IMO the most important thing is to get US clinical letter or recommendation. These recommendations should be strong ones.

Be careful of vague letter writers they can damage your application.

Good luck!

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