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 histology vs. focus  

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hi all
just started preparing for my usmle which I haven't decided when to do it, but I'm more focusing on getting ready for the now being.
I started with Anatomy/ n using kaplan 2009 lecture notes and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how much histology requires from me reading??? i.e do I have to focus real hard on it???????cuz some people told me I don't have put much efforts on it since they r not focusing on bringing many histology questions in exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please advice...

Peace to alllllllllllllll


Histo is important for understanding the other important concepts, for example in sk need to know all the gap junctions, actin myosin etc really well, so that you can connect the dots for phys,pharm and path etc
If you understand it well...there are few things which need to be memorized from histo...for that you can consider First Aid.But I like Kaplan better, histo is very brief in Kln.

All the best!

On Nov 23, 2010 - 8:02 PM, zaidsabbath responded:
thanx a lot drsaima for ur reply....I was thinking to do reading for histology with HY but then I noticed and some said it's unnecessarily very detailed.
Peace+ good luck.........

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