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 Tuberculosis & Pregnancy  

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Hello friends,

I want to ask about these possible scenarios regarding the mother child TB issues perinatally:

What do we do if the Mom has POSITIVE PPD, but NEGATIVE XRAY?

I understand we give the mom INH prophylaxis for 9 months for the mom, but what do we do for the child?! do we give him anything at all?


she's pregnant i think your gonna have a hard time giving the child anything smiling face.....but yes give the INH and B6 treatment............also there's a couple of medication we need to AVOID when treating ACTIVE TB in pregnancy................any one care to state the medications


Baby has to be retained till ID clears the mother... OK to breastfeed provided that you documented all findings/conversations/consults...


Thanks guys. Justice, what movie was your picture from???


it`s a soviet film Mimino.


Awesome!! Thanks Artur!!


If the mother has tuberculosis during pregnancy, how does it effect the fetus? Is there a link to the medication used to treat tuberculosis and birth defects? How common is tuberculosis here in the United States? It's been years since I've heard anyone mention a case of tuberculosis in the city I live in.

Seattle doctor

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