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NBME 5 – 188 (before preparation – major freak out)
NBME 11 – 219 (8 weeks out)
NBME 3 – 224 (5 weeks out – did offline)
NBME 5 – 226 (5 weeks out)
NBME 6 – 224 (3 weeks out)
NBME 12 – 225 (3 weeks out)
NBME 7 – 228 (2.5 weeks out)
NBME 13 – 226 (2 weeks out)
UWSA 1 – 238 (2 weeks out)
UWSA 2 – 258 (1 week out)
Free 150q – 89% ~ 257 (5 days out)

The NBME’s were a train wreck for me. I would get 83-88% correct on those exams, but the score report was not at all indicative of my performances. I thought that they were too stingy with their points. My advisor told us that some questions are worth more than others on the online NBME’s. So if I were to miss 4-5 questions that counted towards two subjects (e.g. cardio and pharm), then I would get -2 instead of -1… I’m not sure she’s right, but that is just my experience with the NBME’s.

That being said, I got like 6-7 questions DIRECTLY from the NBME’s. So it is extremely important to do your NBME’s!!

Materials that I used:
1. FA 4x
2. UWorld Q bank 2x
3. Kaplan Q bank (half)
4. Pathoma 2x
5. BRS Phys 1x

I studied for about 3 months and the last month being super intense (17 hour studying days).
I spent the last 5 days rereading all of FA. The day before the test I actually studied from 8am to 8pm going over the topics that I felt weakest in. I am one of those people that relax best by studying the day before… it’s a little weird. I ended up sleeping for like 3-4 hours MAX. Be sure you get PLENTY of sleep the nights leading up to the test.

Test day:
I did the first 5 blocks consecutively without a single break. My adrenaline was pumping and I just cruised through it.

That test was probably harder than any of the exams I’ve taken before. It was harder than the NBME’s, UWSA’s, or any of the Q banks. There were a bunch of obscure anatomy questions, and A LOT of brainstem questions. Neuro is one of my strong subjects so I did okay with those. Pharm and micro was so easy that I almost felt stupid going over them in FA so many times. I had two heart sound questions and a bunch of weird cardio questions.

After I was finished with my exam, I still had like 55 minutes of my break time left. I felt super uneasy inside like I made a big mistake by not using more of my breaks. But honestly, I wasn’t tired at all. I felt like I could have done 4-5 more blocks if I had to. I knew I passed, but felt like my score could have ranged from 210 to 240.

My actual score (end of June) ended up being a 241!

Hope this helps those taking the beast in the future!


congrats servivingusmle and thank u very much for sharing ur experince

can u plz tell me how to improve in neuro its my weakest subject


step 1 score 272/99 mid june
nbme 15 270
do not forget to take this nbme guys


thank you dear khattaba57 , plz tell me Materials that you used?


Hi i gave my step 1 in july 2013 , and my score 220, passin is 188, mean 227, sd is 22,two digit score is 90.....Is it a decent score? Am givin test from India... Bit confused about results......


Dr khattaba57 , can you please share with us your experience, material you have used, preparation time, how many hours per day


Sorry guys for being late in replying

it takes about 7 months coz i have full time work and have a family
first read all through kaplan 2 0r 3 times and their q book
usmle world q bank(changed my mind , touching so many basics not in kaplan, i used it as learning not as an assessment tool), i took it 2 months , 2 times reviewd it as topic wise, biochemistry, physio etc etc try it like that from the beginning coz if u took it as mixed block and then tried to take it topic wise u will lose the advantage of (unused qs) and will find repeated qs so many times at the same time i took goljan slides and rapid review pathology and goljan notes( stress on basic or general rather than systemic patho) during that try to make noets and read in wiki pedia or any thing some detailed view of ur wrong qs, after that i had about 2 months remaining where i opened first aide read all of it then first aide q and answers and tried to study other books i did not open before(brs physiology and high yield neuroanatomy coz i was defective in these 2 subjects , imagine only renal chapter was helpful in physiology but neuro was really good especially the first few chapters including the basics. on june i took nbme 5 got 247, then 12 or 11 do not remember 254, then 15 got 268 with 10 days between each of intensive review, 3 days later took my exam and got 272 some qs were taken copy paste from nbme 15
average study hours 6-7 daily some days no ,
1- not trying usmle world bank or qs in general at the same time i took kaplan notes (realy u should try qs from day 1 study, for me 3 month study kaplan with no qs then tried usmle world q bank this is wrong
2- leaving goljan slides to review in last 2 weeks was so many and overlapped(u should try them earlier)
3- wasting so many times in reading goljan rapid review before the audio notes, really u should hear the lecture and see the slides mean while and reed the chapter to get the benefit and discard this wholly mass of unneeded information.

best wishes , waiting to hear good news about u


Thank you so much Dr. khattaba57




hey ppl, i am a med student from delhi ,india. i have jst finished my final yr of mbbs. i am thinking to give step 2 ck before step 1 because step2 subjects are fresh in my head riht i guess i wd be abe to score better. what do u guys suggest.pla answer asap. thanks.


Hi Shubhangi. I can't say if its wise to give ck before step1 since u might want to go for a clerkship on step 1 scores. Sure clinical subjects are fresh but it'll be of help in step 1 too. I've also appeared for these final prof exams and am about to begin preparing for step 1. What college you're from?
Maybe you could talk to your seniors who would've given step 1 just now. They'll be able to guide you more appropriately.


step1 score 235/pass
uw 80%
nbme 13 217 3 weeks before exam
uw assessment 75%


hey guys , need help!!
i jst done nbme 13 offline and got 33 wrong..what will be my score if i had given it online?


nbme #7 two weeks before exam 249
UW- 83%
Kap simulated exam #1 two weeks before exam- 79%
Kap simulated exam #2 one week before exam 80%
Kap Q bank 79%

Final Step 1 score- 258


250/99 This is how, the video of the "how to study"

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