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btw i am an IMG ...what are my odds now @ persia


Hi I am new please tell me how to participate in it.



Given that you are applying to psychiatry, I believe that you are in a good shape. Apply broad (90-100 programs) and you are all set...

Also, if you are not applying this year, consider doing psychiatry research for a few months (ex. retrospective analysis of data can be quick). Getting a US recommendation letter will further improve your application, though I believe that you are still fine without it...



Is there any one who can tell me how to play.


@persia: thanx a million.God bless


Hi everyone 

I've scored 200/77   tell me what to do?


Oh seem you didn't prepare well or used a bad sources
Wish you best of luck


NBME 7 380 -6 months before
NBME 11 580(240)- 5 weeks before
NBME 12 560(235) -2 weeks before
NBME 13 550(233) -2 weeks before

Took step 1 on November 12
Result ... 233 84


why is the 2 digit score less now a days

congrts..233 is good


Thanks riyariya28 .Apparently they have changed scoring of two digit score and program directors are now looking at three digit score.
I thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for enabling me to pass this exam..


drekin congrats can u share ur experiance plz


Ssja but of course.
I started my peeps January 2011.I was inconsistent most of the time because of work. I became serious June this year.I studied 10-12 hours everyday.
I used FA,Kaplan for everything except pathology where I used golden textbook and audio (I did not use goljan high yield). I did first NBME at end of first reading.
Did second reading with Usmleword Qbank ending with 67%.
I did third reading with revision of Uworld Qbank notes.
I also found myself a mentor,If you need a mentor give me your email address so I can link you up.
I found using goljan word to word version of audio very helpful when listening to the audio after studying the textbook.


Hey Good People,
Just received my results on this week. I took step 1 late November, I received a 229/83.
For the weeks following the exam I felt really horrible, really freaked out, I was remembering all the stupid mistakes I made just feeling like I really screwed up. I felt like I didn’t pass!!

I felt blessed and grateful to see my score. Lesson learned: have faith!!!

Though I didn't feel particularly stressed when studying for the exam I had a major panic attack the night before the exam, I ended up getting 4 hrs sleep before the exam and feeling like I was unsure of what I was doing on the exam. I attribute my lack of sleep to missing easy questions on the exam. So if I could give one piece of advice I would say CALM DOWN, RELAX and REST before your exam, BELIEVE in your capabilities. You CAN do it . The exam is doable, 50% of the test is nerves!!!. Here's what I did:
A little under 3 months.
NBME 13: 212 (7 weeks)
NBME 7: 205 (4 weeks)
NBME 12: 226 (3 weeks)
NBME 11: 233 (5 days)
UWSA1: 226 (7 days)

UW 69% (second time through)
Do as many NBMEs as you can before the exam!!
First Aid 3+ times
Pathoma (meh...)

I bought Goljan Rapid Review and never had time to look thru it. I looked at the book after the exam and felt it was a better resource for the exam than pathoma and would use it instead of Pathoma if I had to do it all again.

YES you need to know ALL Immuno and Biochem in FIRST AID, must understand!!!
YES tons of knit picky anatomy questions on my test (>20)

I took the weekends off for the most part and studied about 9 hours a day!
I dont have a particularly stellar basic science gpa (2.7) and I am an IMG.

Believe in yourself, believe you can, don't let the nay sayers get to you, they suck!!


Majority of individuals say Q Bank may be a should. i am unable to investigate that as a result of I did not do Q Bank.


congrats brwon benguin did u use kaplan text books or u ony depended on uw and fa


hi everybody
can you advise me when and where get new 2013-2014 edition kln and dvd from

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Any suggestions one what Qbank could be the best after UWorld?


Hi everyone, anybody is there and would like to share some experience?? I have some Q I would like to ask as wellwink




PLS... contact me



hi everybody! Can anyone tell me is it enough to read these books for high score in step1?!
Anatomy BRS Gross 7th Edition 2012
BRS Behavioral 5th Ed
BRS Biochemistry 5th 2010
First Aid Q&A for the USMLE Step 1, Second Edition
high_yield_cell_and_molecular_biology lecture notes
HY Embriology 2nd
HY Neuroanatomy 2nd
Micro and Immuno 2010 lecture notes
Pathology Goljan_Rapid_Review_2010
pharmacology 5th edition (2012)
physiology Costanzo , 5th edition 2011
step 1 qBook 2010

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