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 False Interview invitations?  

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I received an interview invitation from southern Illinois university Neurology program today at 1:00 pm local time. I just applied this last friday. While doing research i find in another forum that about 10 guys received invitations from this program, but then most of them received second messages telling them that such interview invitation mails were sent by error! They don't specify if they received their second messages after confirming an interview date, something i have not done yet. I find it too strange that they sent me this invitation just 3 days after my application. Has anyone here received interview invitations from this program?


I also received similar thing from them, 1st interview call and then a sorry email as i submitted my date preference...
What is going on and what is wrong with them...?mad


wow... don't scare me, because I received IV from them (6am on Oct 4th) but I checked email really late, after have worked all day...

I haven't confirmed my interview, so I have not received a second message either...shocked

WTF? What is going on? Are they false invitations?raised eyebrow


It's called an accident and most PCs have done this at one time or another - we hit the wrong key and then we are horrified by what we did.

Perhaps it's a new program coordinator using ERAS for the first time. In my case, I had the wrong filter open when I did it.


I also got one, and then recieved the msg full of apologies smiling face. The applicants whose applications are under review got it. So lets keep our fingers crossed!!!

At one moment, i felt like its the first of april sticking out tongue


To tell you the truth, i was extremely surprised to see that i had received an interview invitation just 1 day after applying and 3 hours after they downloaded my application! I wasn't very excited about it because i thought something was wrong.
I received the 2nd message from them telling me that they are sorry, that the invitation was an error.
BBB, thank you for your most valuable opinion. Let's hope they do invite us.
Good luck to everybody..


is there any chance that the southern illinois uni will send invitation to the ppl who received invitation by error OR it simply means rejection?


Neurobion, i am sure we all will get invitations soon!

Cheers all!

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