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 help in immunology  

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this is a part of a graph in page 115 in immunology of kaplan notes can some body explain it to me?

two other polysaccharide capsular vaccines used in older age groups, against streptococuus pnemunia and N.meningitidis are not administred with a protein component, but may elecit protective immunity by stimulating previously excisting reactive cells formed in response to previous infection or normal flora cross-reactivities

Qwhat is a component vaccine?

thank u


vaccines made of polysaccarid capsuls can not elicit immune response as TCELL dependent AGS ,so we combine them with some proteins which are toxoids of diphteria or tetani ,to make them able to be presented to TCRS and activate Bcells via TH, IN THIS WAY WE MAKE MEMORY t CELLS so we build a better immunity i am not sure if i answered your q.

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