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 NK cells  

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NK cells attack any cell with no MHC1 molecule on it is surface, red blood cells are not nucleated so do not have MHC1 to inhibit NK cells ,,, so does NK cells attack red blood cells

i got use some help here plz


well,as you mentioned NK cells do n ot need AG be presented by MHC1 to them,but it does not mean that they attack any cell w/o MHC ,for no reason. NK find target cells by 2 way; 1.NK has specific receptors -pattern recognizinf receptors or PRR-so any cell which express these receptors on surface can be found and killed by NK,THIS IS HOW NK kill in innate immune response. ADCC,NK has cd16 as receptor for target cell-bound IMMUNOGLUBINES. SO I THINK IT IS POSSible thta nk kills RBCS although i have not read anywhere .but for that RBC has to present some signals on its surface so NK find it. what is sure is that NK participates in killing tumor cells and virus infected ones

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