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 freshen up pediatric applicants!!  

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yeah u guys are right but i m disappointed because in every section i m getting rejections,internal medicine,peds and also FM...mostly applicants have us lors and i have lors from my country are also not that good..
hey rfm congrats..u got iv from this the one in SAVANNAH,,this was my most desirable prog,cuz i live very close to this hospital,but unfortunately i need visa and that was the 1st rejection i got on 2nd sep and i was kind of sure about that,but i applied there and got instant rejection so i far 2 rejections in peds ...anyways..congrats on getting ivs guys..hope so something comes up for me in pediatrics.too i dnt want to go far from my family....sad
thanks for the support rania and jimmy and rfm...i appreciate it..

Edited by faiza29 on Sep 29, 2010 - 7:42 PM


I applied only for iv calls yet.very credentials are 88/88/CS pass all first attempt.submitted one us lor and 3 home country lors.need visa.


hey kavikavi, don't lose hope


Rej: Uof Nebraska

@faiza29: I'm going to assume you're a bit older, probably graduated a few years ago, have average board scores, and English is not your primary language. And you need a visa. I'm sure you already know those aren't advantageous factors. But it's your choice to claw yourself out of the hole (and lets admit it, we're all in holes if we're reading this forum) or just stay in there. A poster on another forum applied to 350+ programs (over $8K on applications) all over the country, and he has a family too. Are you doing the same if you think you're not a good applicant? I hope you're not applying to just your area because that's just being stupid. Also, did you research to see if you met the criterias of all the programs you applied to? If you didn't, the rejections you have now may just be because you were automatically filtered by their computer system because of various factors, so you can take some comfort in that. Living in some ghetto away from your family may suck, but not having a career sucks more.


thanks jimmy for all your words..i applied in 40 peds,40 IM,and 40 FM..lets c what happens...may be something is coming up for me and also everybody in october..i agree it will hurt me after years that i ddnt do my part if i leave i m sticking to it..and wiating for good news..thanks so much for the support..october is here..smiling facesmiling face


How did you decide on the 40/40/40? Did you decide by region? Or did you stop at 40 per specialty because of cost issues? If it's cost, you definitely played smart by going for 3 specialties, which ended up costing you a lot less than someone applying to 120 programs in a single specialty. I did 90 peds which costs me $1800. If you don't feel competitive, you should just take the money you saved and apply for more programs. I definitely over-applied I think and hopefully will be able to decline some interview offers, but better safe than sorry. Remember, if you end up not matching, you'll lose 1 year (which means 1 extra year till an attending's salary) and more money on applications next year (when you'll have even lower chances of matching). I hope you all the best and your decisions work out.


Hello guys, this is my first time here...
i just got an iv from SUNY downstate, Brooklyn, NY.....i was wondering if anybody could tell me whether they offer prematch or take all candidates through the match?? Any input will be highly appreciated ...thanks and good luck to all...hope everyone matches at their top choice !!! grin


The best way to find out is just ask the program yourself. Just respond to the residency coordinator and ask if they offer prematch spots. This is a logical question because if they do, you may want to schedule earlier spots instead of later ones. I did that with one program and they responded promptly. Uni programs are much less likely to do prematches, but there are bunches and bunches of programs in the tri-state area that do.


Thanks Jimmy for such a prompt reply..someone told me that i shouldn't ask about prematches to the program directly cuz apparently that's not an "appropriate question" (whatever that means). But i will go ahead and do it if the PC wasn't too offended when u asked the same question..

thanks and good luck!!


Some programs prematch and some don't. They really aren't trying to keep it a secret, just that it's quite hard to figure out especially since it could change from year to year. I think most people consider asking for a prematch during the interview could be somewhat awkward. However, asking before the interview is fine, or at least I think so. I personally am not/ would not be afraid to ask. They already know you're an IMG from your apps, and they surely know that it's harder for us to match. If you find out that they do, schedule your interview ASAP before they make the offer to other comparable applicants. Good luck bud!


Thanks Jimmy for your input, it surely helps smiling face


hi adrenalizing14,i took matcharesident for match and they r saying that suny brooklyn gives prematch..i m pretty sure they have quite reliable information,so according to them,ur program gives be 100% sure u can call them..bbest of luck.


Hey faiza29, yeah i called them up on saturday....haven't received a call back from them yet....anyway i saw nrmp statistics and spoke with a few reliable sources and received feedback that they mostly match candidates(around 23), and give a handful prematches to super-exceptional candidates , (which i am not shaking head ) scheduled the iv for early jan(i couldn't adjust it to any earlier date)...
thank you so much and good luck smiling face


yup, i've heard suny downstate gives prematch offers. might be filled up by january though. good luck!


i have same credentials as faiza29
I have not applied to that many programs . 36 total. Im Fm and peds.
I have 1 rejection from MSU sparrow. what does that mean? i have no IVs from anywhere.
The wait is toturous.
I have called each program and searched their website before applying i dint apply to any program that dint sponsor visa or required 6month/1yr USCE.


There is wellfare(Free/ No cost) clinic here in Michigan . Timing 9am-2pm SAT and WED only. so i got here every saturday...and i see patients and then discuss the cases with the attending physician.


Iv and Woodhull NY


Does any one has an idea abour Elmhurst pediatric program at Mount Sinai Hospital NY?
any one.

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