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 Rejections in Neurology  

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Yeah dowjunk...raised eyebrow but you're also acing the interviews race, you have like 10 ivs right?

Keep the fingers crossed! YES, WE CAN cool


UMDNJ and Cincinnati


University of Missisippi


neurologox, yeah buddy somwhere around that.....cheers to you too smiling face

but before i finish let me conclude the worst day: rej from Upenn, 3rd rej of the day sticking out tongue

sanrock25 n neurologox, i hope not to see you guys in this thread any more smiling face, wud u agree?? sticking out tongue



U penn and Albany medical center....

The worst thing is that there're places where they don't even sent a single email to let us know if rejected....

I was wondering the other day with a friend that ECFMG should regulate and establish that sending emails about the status of your application became mandatory for ALL programs. That would be kind of relieving for usnodcool


well, i think at least 7 reject. Albany, Mississipi, Peoria Chicago, Providence (IM-PM portland), actually i don't remember all of them.

i hv hope yet, and i will have, it's all i hv!


yap, every program shld send an 10x u mail.


Well, good that you guys are getting interviews as well choma82 and neurologox.. way to go.. All the best. Im struggling with none, wondering what to do.


Ah Dear God...
A whole week in silence...
My faith and hope made think after MSPE release, the things were going to be crazy grin, interviews here, there... everywhere hahahaa.
At least I hope to get 2 more... I don't care top programs, I could be good, make my dream come true and help people in a humble program...

We're good guys, He have crossed a long road to reach this point, that's why deserve it.

Keep the faith ! that's we have for real!wink


Columbia University...

(I made research there.... ) raised eyebrow shaking headdisapproval


UNC grin


UNC and columbia rejections for me!

I have UToledo intrvw tomorrow. Will update isA.


continuing the honor:



hopkins sticking out tongue


Hopkins.... cool


I emailed Iowa's PD and he said all interview spots are filled.

Kinda feeling rejected disapproval


actually i dont expect any more ivs grin


choma, i still have my fingers crossed though sticking out tongue....hoping...... hoping....praying.....


This is so depressing. 25 rejections already, barely 3 interview invitations, among which 1 is on hold and i don't expect it to ever take place. I wonder if i should stop thinking about practicing Neurology in the USA and stay here in my country. Here, i may be considered a quite competitive candidate, whereas in the USA i'm a mediocre one rejected by every program. Let's hope that at least a very minimal number of IVs are on the way. Good luck to you all.


I think the same think! I would be extremely competitive in my Country... But we got to hold our dreams very tight! I just have 4 Iv's and many rejections but maybe one of those 4 places is going to be my place this coming years...

So come on! lalouette, We are IMG, many schools do accept and prefer only American recent graduates, that's fine! There are schools for IMGs too nod

Keep the Faith, one of those 2 places could be yours! You'll see!
Start to study and work on interviews to ace in one of those!

All The best!

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