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 Rejections in Neurology  

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Rejection from: Medical College of Wisconsin affiliated hospitals.

WHAT I LEARNT from this rejection:

Now I know how my friends felt when their girl friends ditched them. I wont make fun of them anymore. I swear!



uni of colorado

wake forest

uni of texas San antonio


sorry amc2002, i don't want to bother you. Could you please put you credential in credintial topic
Good luck for you and all of us smiling face


one more rejections for me, texas san antonio


one more rejection for me, texas san antonio


First Neuro rej....Texas....
atleast some activity in Neurorolling eyes


rejec U Michigan & U Virginia.gringrin


Harry, very sorry to hear that. Where in Texas did you get rejection from?


@neurology----San antonio


Sorry to hear that. In my opinion, Texas seems to be on the slow side this year with the IMG's, but maybe it's always been like that?


REJECTION FROM: University of Maryland Medical Center for 2012. maddisapproval

Thank you for your interest in the Neurology Residency Training Program at the
University of Maryland Medical Center for 2012. Unfortunately, according to
your application, you have not met one of our initial requirements. To be
considered for an interview with our program we require clinical experience in
the United States sufficient to insure that the applicant is competitive for a
PGY-1 position according to the requirements of the Neurology Review Committee
of the ACGME


@ neurologox, Igot the same message today


WTF!!! they just don't want IMGs...
How the hell an IMG get more than some months of hands on experience?
How the hell an IMG get a year of Clinical experience (hands on) ?
(actually a requirement of Indiana University)...


ahhhhh Sad....


rejection UCMC


REJECTION disapproval (EXPECTED rolling eyes )

Yale University School of Medicine

Dear Applicant ,
Thank you for your interest in the Neurology Residency Program at Yale
University School of Medicine. We have had an opportunity to review and give
careful consideration to the information you submitted. Due to the large
volume of qualified applicants, we regret that we cannot offer you an


rejection UCMC....ill keep my smile smiling face

waiting for Yale's email as well sticking out tongue


Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland, OH

We have reviewed the documents you submitted through ERAS, and we regret to inform you that we are not able to extend an invitation to interview. We receive many more applications than we have educational opportunities, and unfortunately many well-qualified candidates must be denied interviews each year.

ahhh God... I liked that program....disapproval sad
Keep going, you make my faith stronger!wink


Rejections: Yale, and 2 from Evaston - IL, si San Antonio, texas dar pe PM IMgrin


Hey guys, At what time should we ask the programs which have not send any Calls or rejections. and wats the way to do so. Email or calling them?

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