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 Rejections in Neurology  

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Guys lets put this for rejections only...grin


someone in usmleforum got a rejection from case Western, Cleveland, OH
his/her credentials as posted by him/her are 95, 97, 90, 2mon usce im, 1 mon neurology, 2002 grad

This is scary!


Thanks for the info kpllrm84smiling face


another one from usmleforum
Univ of colorado-due to lack of clinical experience(observership is not counted as clinical experience).

Do u guys need such info on this forum like rejections/ivs posted on other forums or shud I stop posting them.Even I am not sure whether I shud be doing that.
So very frankly I am askin u guys whether you want such info or it irritates the hell out of u?hehe!


kpllrm, it scares the hell out of us :P, but keep doing helpful grin....cheers for sharing!


Ok I ll post if I find something n I also encourage others to do so!n it is scary no doubt about that!


isnt it toooo early !

  #8 are doing gr8 job.....
no doubt about no worriessmiling face


Again info from usmleforum..a few of them got rejections from indiana university neuro program.


rejection from univ reason given.sad


It is still very early in the season, so no reason to worry yet. Someone else posted on usmleforum that they were rejected from Univ of Colorado "due to lack of clinical experience,observership is not counted as first hand clinical experience it seems.." Did you have that?


no i have 2 months of elective in addition to 2 months of obsie..still rejected!


I'm very sorry to hear that. Don't despair, it's too early in the cycle for that. I hope you will have better luck soon!


Hey Guys

I get rejection from Wake Forest University School of Medicine University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, OH.
What a bad day!!!

Keep finger crossing sad


I got rejection from university of Verginia & university of Wisconsin sad


They said they appreciate my credential but because there are many applicants apply this year. They won't give interviews
I don't know what it means


rejection this morning
UT Southwestern - Austin mad

Edited by Willtaziz on Sep 20, 2010 - 1:24 PM


also Midical college of wisconsin
5 rejections, non IV sad


2 rejections one from Univ of Colorado and the other from Univ of New New Mexicoshaking headraised eyebrow


one more rej from texasgrin

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