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 Interviews in Neurology  

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I'm sorry to here that. It is sucks and scary. I didn't get any interview yet. Really we need a miracle.


I hope you did not respond after their deadline, it is an unprofessional act otherwise on part of UT houston. Our best wishes are with you.

Willtaziz, all prayers for you too! Its kinda painful when we chk our emails expecting something good to come up. I hope and pray the coming weeks bring joy and success for you!


Thank you dowjunk for your support
Good luck for every body
I still have a hope


congrats everyone!

my IV of the week...long island jewish..smiling face!


gl neuroma! and for all of us!


Neurolox, the same thing happened to me with the Texas university at Houston program. It seems i just keep receiving false invitations and irresponsible invitations such as this one. I'm hoping the same thing won't happen with the IV from Baylor. Good luck to you all...


I was really excited about that interview... I was counting with it, until I got the wait list email 2 days later...sadraised eyebrow
I was totally convinced that If a program invites people is because the have enough slots to accommodate all candidates...

Anyway! we love this specialty, Keep the faith!winkcool


that's really sad.confused


Exactly what i thought, Neurolox. How can they invite more than 100 people if they only have available slots for less than 60? I'm depressed.


Temple, Drexel,Cornell ...its been a goooood everyone


well, congrat neuroma, this is your week!


Congrats Neuroma!


Congrats neuroma!

I got a call from UAB neurology. interview dates are nearly full!

GL friends.





got one from albert einstein today, alhA.


congrat guys!




Congrats neuroma sticking out tongue

i had my first intrvw experience at UoToledo. Faculty was nice and frendly and the residents mostly IMGs smiling face all of em relaxed and utterly satisfied, even the intern sticking out tongue. Pt load is far less than other places and teaching didactics are exceptional. Fellowship matching is cent percent, although more than a few residents opt for pvt practice. No interv neurology, infrastructure is less than desired. Well built hospital/serene. 3spots, with nine Utoledo grads interviewing. 5 candidates every friday till January, and 75% AMGs interviewing this year :s. History of 1 prematch a year.

GL friends.


thats awesome..did u meet dr imran ali?


no, he was off for some national meeting in California. Though i met him last year in an epilepsy conference, so i already know hes very nice.

neuroma, hows the intrvw trail?

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