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 credentials please  

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Guys lets put our cred at one place
step 1/step 2/cs/step 3
grad yr
Publications or posters
Additional achievements



91/90/cs pass/82 all in first attempt-2008 grad
not gr8 scoresssssssssad
3 months of externship in IM
6 Mo of obsie in neuro
National recognition as a tutor
1 paper submitted
2 mo in research at uni hosp
MPH Graduating in
1 poster presentation at national level
1 on going research in neuro at uni hosp

MPH Graduating in coming spring


guysssssssss no oneeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad


93/92/CS all first attempt, 2007 grad
no USCE, no Observ

2 posters public one in europe and one in usa.
little reasersch

good luck! may God be with us!


Hey harry and choma, kudos! You guys are keeping the neuro-forum alive!
step 1/step 2/cs/step 3 99/99/pass/in Oct
grad yr 2007
Publications or posters multiple
Additional achievements none whatsoever
Usce 2mnths Neuro, 1 mnth obsrv in IM

best of luck all!


step 1/step 2/cs/step 3: 99/99/Pass/95
grad yr: 2008
Publications or posters: one poster
Usce: 2m IM + 6m neuro


2010 graduate
99/99/cs-on september 10(big problem)
Multiple poster presentations in national conference of pediatrics (India)
few non peer reviewed articles..and one peer reviewed..(Indian Journal)
USCE- neuro clerkship -1 month(MGH) and 10 weeks IM
US LORs-4...

Applied on sep1 -70 programs....

what r my chances without CS....??
Good luck to everyone!!!


nitin, i am sure you will match! Just make sure you pass ur CS. Fresh grads are hot cakes sticking out tongue



hei, common if you with 99's are scarry what about the others? please be honest and keep for you your bad feelings. 10x


@Thanks Dowjunk,Choma...................lets all be active in this forum....


ok in the fray too...
96/99/Pass/92..all first attempt..
2009 grad..
2 months ongoing usce...
1 online publication n some more pending publications...
i hope i stand a chance sad
gud luck guys...


98/93/pass second attempt/in dec
2008 grad
2mths usce neuro
multipe posters and publications
applied to programs in a couple of states in the northeast cuz im crazy!


hi guys
i'm so scaredrolling eyes
mine is 81/85 and pass step 3 by 3rd attempts
No publications or research
the only think is good USCE in neurology as observership and work at hospital and doctor offices for 2 yrs
i hope i match sad


grad 2006


great guys!



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I'm not even sure if I stand a chance with all these double and triple 99s?
Good luck to you all!!!


2010 graduate
77/99/cs 1st attempt/step3-87.
Multiple posters, National and at AAN
Few non peer reviewed and peer reviewed articles.
USCE- 2 months of clinical clerkship at Harvard, 1 month observer@DMC
US LORs- 2.

Applied to 93 Neuro programs....
Have not got any interviews till now. Dunno what to do..

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