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 any one for pathology 2011  

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hey everyone, let's gather for pathology this year.
i am little bit worried because of my credentials ,
crossing finger and applying in 2-3 days.


Don't worry-look at mine:
81, 80 and CS passed everything in first attempt.
Grad. 2007
Working in Path. research lab in U.S. since 2008
How many programs you are applying? Only pathology?


i am applying to pathology mainly , about 30 programs for now, maybe next week i will apply for another 10-15( $$$$ issues)

good luck


Hi drd82,
Thanks for this topic. I just applied for pathology. I also hope others join us to:
1- reduce our anxiety during difficult waiting time. When you know one program has already sent the interviews and you have or not received any, it can be helpful at least in your future plan.
2- in rare cases and in case of interview, people can help each other for travel plan to save money and time.
3- The list of programs could be helpful for next year applicants (I hope we won't be among them!!).
I hope for good news coming soon.


I will apply for 96!


i wish i can apply for more programs, but the budget is little tight,
any way i just applied to 30 , and waiting for news.
let's keep in touch and hope,
although it seems more competitive this year than ever, many program changed their criteria.

good luck for everybody.


Yes. Good luck!
Don't worry, many people applied for less than 50 prog. previous years and they were matched... I did 95 just in case.


I got my first rejection from New Jersey University.
Any news from you guys? Let's make this forum more active.


rejected by Baystate... not fresh enough for them, I guess. haven't heard from other programs yet. what about you guys?


Hi Guys,
I also applied to pathology, 42 programs, have some experience in USA and 2 rotations. I am a pathologist graduated in 2003. I got a rejection from Baystate also, havent hear from anybody else.Trusting in God as always. Let'snod keep posting here and good luck to all! nod


drtobe, mili26
Don't worry. I think this early rejections are due to some facors that are noe in our hands like grad cut off year or visa problem. Many programs start sending IV around late September or early October.


Thanks Drtobe,
I hope you are right because some of my friends who applied for IM has IV already, even though most of the people say rejections come first an IV at the end of Sept.


mili26, I should not take the credit from Reechout, he addressed your concerns.

I'm 2 yrs older than u in grad yr, so you have a better chance. I'm not that worried though. Like Reechout said, the show hasn't really lifted its curtain yet. Believing in God and praying are what we should do now.


Thanks!!! As you guys said is too early, so no much to do than wait!
Let's keep having faith!


Interview-Henry Ford!


Yay!smiling face


Any body else got IV?


Me again-Danbury, CT.
Looks like they like research more than scores.
Good for me!!!


hi every1
i guess it maybe early to ask but i want to make my path clear so that i will be focus n know what shld i do from b4.
im interested in patho residency, recently prep for 2006 grad img green card holder.
can any1 plz guide me is patholgy for img or not if yes then what should be my objective n targets
goodluck may u all get the residency soon ,
take care


Hey brancipaun I got Danbury too, when is your IV?

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