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 ethics question  

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this is question from kaplan qbank 2010 edition, pg 140, questn 92

female posted for c sections asks doc to pray along with her and carry a lucky charm- a dried animal tongue along while doing the operation
question asks what should he do

among the options, two options are

1. pray with her and tell her he will carry it but leave it outside the OT for sanitary reasons
2. go along with the patients beliefs and pray and carry it along.

According the me, the answer should be the 1.. we are complying with the patients religious beliefs but putting safety of patient the dried animal tongue would infect the OT and can cause serious infections in the patient.. ofcourse the patient doesnot understand this.. and so the odd request..
but according to kaplan the answer is 2. explanation- participating in religious beliefs has better patient outcomes.

please enlighten me!!!


Probably in real life we should go for 1st option but for usmle do what the patient tells u... grin


I would eat the dried tongue and tell the patient where-ever I go the charm goes - so trust me, I am your doctor.


indeed the correct answer is 2!
actually this example was said in kaplan videos by the guy who read the lecture---the best kaplan videos IMO!!
anyway he said that if it doesn't go against your beliefs ( and for usmle there probably won't be any examples that hint that the pts is going to ask you to do something against ut RELIGIOUS beliefs) anyway if it doesn't go against your beliefs u do everything to keep the pts calm and happy. u take the dried tongue and put it in the plastic bag! of course the pts will never know if u really had it or not but that's how the boards want it so we have to follow smiling face


yeah no 2.. plus you NEVER lie to the patient !! I am mother teresa !


2nd answer is correct.. as you cant lie to the patient and will carry her lucky charm in OT, of course in a sterilized bag.

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