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 rationalization or rxn formaton  

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1 a man who loses his arm in an accident says the loss is good bcz it kept him from getting in trouble with the law`plz explain


it is clear it is not rationalization off course
rationalization is what u do after doing some thing wrong & try to get a reason for ur attitude
& here he didnt cut his arms by himself
he has got an accident so this has nothing to do with rationalization
rationalization is simply like when u cheat ur wife & tell ur self that yes cheating is bad , but im doing so to refresh my feelings to go back & make more love to my wife .. this is rationalization .. like when u kill someone & say yes killing is bad but he deserved it grin
but this case u mentioned is obviously reaction formation
because this man is clearly feelig so bad about his lost arm .. but he is showing that is is happy .. trying to hide his bad sadness
this is typical reaction formation .. like when u r in love with some one but u are showing u hate him ..


it is rationalization smiling face.


rationalization for sure. in reaction formation u dont like something or someone but u pretend like u do. its like i hate u and i see u and i say "o u look beautiful today" lol


reaction formation


i think a rationalization bcz pt is trying to justify his loss.

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