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 whats the answer?  

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A mentally competent 76-year-old man is in the
terminal stage of
multiple myeloma. He is unable to move and requires
24-hour nursing
care. Increasing doses of narcotics are needed to
control severe pain.
As a result, when he is pain-free, respiratory
function is impaired and
consciousness is clouded. The patient says he cannot
live with this
degree of pain and asks to be given a lethal injection
of pain
medication. Which of the following is the most
appropriate step regarding the
pain medication?

) Reduce the dosage so as not to impair respiration

) Administer the dosage necessary to control pain
respiratory impairment

) Administer the dosage necessary to control pain
and add a
centrally acting stimulant

) Appeal to the family to convince the patient to
tolerate a bit
more pain






Hello sir ......Sneha here........I don't understand ......i'm really very confused this post i've no comments...........please help us for posting,,,,,,,,Thanks lot in advance...........




why not C?
someone please explain


i think by that ,the patient already ask for DNR,and u want to help him to rest!!!but legally u cant,so only trick is through opioid ,it is up to him to have overdose,u dont want him to stay alive.( silent agreement and legal one).


Yup, I think its C too, agreed with earth86.


Dr saima,u mean B right!




B help ease the pain of the patient he has terminal disease so he will pass away either ways but you can help ease the stress upon him at the moment even when the end goal with be to reduce the length of life that is remaining


smiling face thx
nice explanations


Its B, I was a Hospice Nurse in the USA for a long time


up the meds...b....


Hello ......I think....... B.....

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whats the answer?
Whats the Answer?
whats the answer
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