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 Neuro 2011-Welcome Aboard!  

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yeah....I m also applying IM just for back once u apply for IM cat----u cant apply 2 prelim in that prog...sad


Guys! pray the lord to get a good spot!
I haven't submitted my application yet, I still making the list of universities and waiting for a LoR to appear on My ERAS.

How are all you doing?



GL neuologox smiling face

Me too, trying level best to submit asap smiling face


i applied yestarday. may God be with us! we cad do it!


Arrite friends lets stay together and lets keep updating...............

Do you guys feel that NY/NJ neuro programs are not IMG friendly, unexpectedly? I searched the sites out n found vry few willing to take non-US grads?


hello in for neuro too...i agree most ny/nj programs are not too img applying for categorical neuro only..lets see.. keeping my fingers crossed!! smiling face


Hello friends! I'm in too! Only applying for Neurology residency!


applying for neuro in only a couple of states due to family stuff..SAD scene..i wish i cud apply everyhere...


hey friends.....
I have also applied for neuro residency..
Goodluk to all


I read on the nrmp website about the violation by the programs like west virginia uni and uni at buffalo neurology.
Is there any importance of this thing to the applicants?


count me to guys for neurology confused


hello guys,
I have applied in both categorical and advanced neuro as well as prelim and TY.
Can any body tell me, do prelim and TY offer prematches or not?
If you sign a prematch in prelim, then does it means that you are out of the race of 4 yr neuro programs?

Also tell me which neuro prog offers prematch?

I prefer to enter in a 4 yr prog. So when shud i schedule my prelim and TY?


Hey hey........schedule in october or early november if u want a seniors have sincerely advised on this.......prematch is offered by mostly those programs that offer H1...

the earlier you schedule the better the chances.......


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HEHEHEHE! Me aboard! :p
Roller-coaster ride, all aboard!
New format May 2011
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