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 Neuro 2011-Welcome Aboard!  

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Hi all! Its the beginning of the 2011 match season, and its not surprising to see the neuro-page all dried up!

I will be applying whole heartedly in neurology programs! And would like the neurology wannabees to join the struggle!

Together we can do this! Theres a neuro program list available on prep4usmle, dl it and let it begin smiling face.


Count me in too.Let's do it.


count me in too....nod


Hey dear fellows!!!
Let's Make it happen, I'm in too.
Kind of worried because my LoR's are being prepared still, but keeping pushing my mentors Also, working full time and writing the Personal statement on nights.



Jason, rkmehta,! Amazing to see you guys!

Neurologox, dnt worry neurology progs are unlike IM progs...they will get your application even its a few weeks late! Just write a dybamic PS, we all know the significant impact it has on our applications!!!

GL all.


i am also for neuro, good luck!nod


hey everyone..count me in!all the best to everyone!i had one r u guys workin on the prelim list?


Hey choma82 and kpllrm84, nice to see you guys onboard!

kpllrm, i guess the best route for us should be to apply in the same programs's prelim spots, apart from the places where our college/country seniors are doing IM residency.

Also, do you guys agree to this list I was surprised to see places like yale on the list, lol.


anybody applying for categorical (4 year) programs only? really don't want to bother with separate IM prelim applications anymore... sticking out tongue


Hey bulletMD, hmmm, you are only applyin to categorical programs sticking out tongue, I can smell confidence here smiling face

But since competition is so getting tough, that for an avg joe like me, this might sound like a risky biz.

Just chkd Freida and came to know that approx 40% of matched neuro candidates are IMGs, with equal gender distribution.....seems like a fair game!


anybody pls can give a link or list of IMG friendly Neurology Progrs.....will be highly appreciated.....bol to all

On Aug 18, 2010 - 1:36 PM, dowjunk responded:
hey, already mentioned it......plz read the above posts.


hi! any one of you applying in IM/Neuro combined programs? 5yrs is a long haul :s


My program-related-research initial outcome: 115 residency programs with 403 seats in total (excl. the california programs); atleast 30 programs offering H1; atleast 40 programs (40% seats) are integrated.

7 programs offering the 5yr IM-Neuro combined spots, with each offering 1 seat.

The thing causing butterfly in my stomach is only 10% of invited interviewees get selected, contrary to my earlier belief that interviews are everything, if you wanna get matched! Anyways, hopefully this will go in good men's favor too sticking out tongue.


Count me too


Count me in too smiling face

  #16 program related research says:
total 115 neuro prog
atleast 49 prog dsnt offer pgy1 position at all...sad


Hello Harry, drmission and mehta smiling face

rkmehta, so we have just 55% of the programs to try for? Lets keep our fingers crossed!


have a look at last yr match...

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nrmp 2010.png (54 KB, 59 downloads)

thanks mehta. This reflects the necessity to apply in IM as backup!?! lol


lets keep our fingers crossed...
one more

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nrmp2 2010.png (218 KB, 45 downloads)

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