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 what's meant by preliminary surg.  

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a simple question from a new fresh graduate beginner

what is the meaning of preliminary surgery ? rolling eyes

does that mean general surgery ? or what ?

what is your duties ?

do u have chance to enter OR ?

is it a speciality ? i mean u can continue in that branch the rest of your life ?

is it paid ?

sorry for that simple question
but i hear a lot about it but i dont know what is it
coz it isnot in my home country ! grin


Prelim surgery only guarantees 1 year of training, usually the intern year PGY-1. There are also preliminary positions on PGY-2-3 years. It means that once you've finished that year, you are solely responsible of re-matching somewhere else, finding a job to further your training.

It is of course a paid position, with same duties as a categorical resident. Categorical resident is that whom has his/her 5-6-7 years of training assured. The only difference to the prelim is the contract. You have types of prelims: designated and non-designated. The first are training a surgical intership before entering a matched position in derm, neurosurg, uro, ent, ortho etc. The second, are the struggling prelims who have to excell and be clever to match somewhere else 1 year later. It is a stiff battle.

Non-designated prelim, sadly, it's the most common way of entrance for IMGs into Surgery. Although fair ammount do this year as u.s. training to match again in anesthesia, radiology, ortho etc.But most try to match the next year in a categorical PGY-1-2 gen. surgery position, after their prelim intership, and doing this is half luck and contacts, half your brightness. Hence, categorical surgery is so much better than prelim. I'm going after categorical but can´t avoid ranking those prelim spots. Let's see how interview season starts...


thanks alot


can anyone tell what percentage of imgs actually get into specialities after prelim year 1?

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